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為往聖繼絕學 為萬世開太平——澳洲淨宗學院漢學先修班開學典禮講話

為往聖繼絕學 為萬世開太平——澳洲淨宗學院漢學先修班開學典禮講話  (共一集)  2017/8/2  澳洲淨宗學院  檔名:32-237-0001
For the Past Saints and Sages, We Vow to Ceaselessly Carry On Their Eternal Teachings, For the Countless Generation to Come, We Vow to Bring Lasting Peace and Harmony ———— Talk at the Opening Ceremony for the Preparatory Class of Sinology Studies of the Pure Land Learning College Association

       Respected Venerable Wu Shin, Venerables, teachers, and students,

  It is indeed very precious that we can be here today, at the Pure Land Learning College Association in Australia, to start the preparatory class of Sinology Studies. The purpose for opening this class and promoting Sinology is to pass on the teachings of past saints and sages, teachings that have almost ceased, and to bring everlasting peace for future generations. Young people need to have such a sense of mission, vowing to carry on and pass down the teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Let this outstanding traditional Chinese culture continue. This is a great cause, a divine cause! So I hope the students can engender a big heart. The world will become more happy and beautiful due to your success in carrying on the five-thousand-year old traditional culture. 

  It is Essential to Give Rise to this Sense of Mission 

  Today, society is becoming chaotic, and people are facing impending crises across the world. People of Toowoomba hope to build the world's first model city of peace and harmony. Setting this good example will help resolve the crises. How to do this? There is only one way: education. The root cause of the crises is improper education. Today, instead of teaching students to be decent people, most schools emphasize teaching knowledge. Therefore, many people mistake evil for good and view self-gratification as their right. Therefore, the method to solve this still lies in education —— to educate people to be good persons through the teachigns of saints and sages. People will become decent people and even become sages and saints. 

  The teaching of traditional Chinese culture is the education to nurture decent persons, sages, and saints. Saint, sage, and decent person are like the names of academic degrees. Saint is the highest degree; sage is the second degree; decent person is the third degree. They are not ordinary people. For thousands of years, saints, sages, and decent people have led China. Hence, society was orderly and maintained long-term stability; people lived in peace and worked in happiness. With the teachings of saints and sages, people will gain true benefits. This is true.

  But today, traditional Chinese culture is hovering on the brink of extinction. If we don't start learning traditional culture diligently, it would be lost from our generation. Losing this traditional culture would be one of humankind's major losses! The last decade is the key and must not be missed. Those really deep into the Sinology of the old professors now have seventy or eighty years to take advantage of the opportunity to carry on their knowledge. If you miss this decade, it will be too late to inherit! So, the students must have a big heart: 'I come to inherit the traditional culture! I come to carry forward the traditional culture!' Giving rise to this big heart is giving rise to a big bodhi heart.

  Learn to be Saints and Sages

  Ancient Chinese people stuided to aspire to be sages. We are here to create a learning environment to nurture real scholars. They will carry on the fading teachings of saints and sages, and bring lasting peace to the world. We encourage every student to be a sage —— a great sage. As long as they uphold sincere hearts to learn traditional culture and promote the teachings of saints and sages, they will study sacred texts and classics in-depth throughout their lives without changing. They will persist in doing this, even sacrificing their own lives. If they can persevere in this great vow and aspiration, they will undoubtedly contribute to humanity. 

  We need to know the purpose and understand the effect in learning traditional culture and learning to be saints and sages. When I was twenty-six years old, I learned philosophy from Professor Fang Dongmei. He taught me Introduction to Philosophy. The last unit was Buddhist philosophy. I was surprised. I said that Buddhism is a religion, a superstition, how could it be philosophy? Professor Fang said, 'You are young. You do not know that Sakyamuni is the world's greatest philosopher, Buddhist philosophy is the preeminent philosophy in the world, and learning Buddhism the ultimate enjoyment of life'. Professor Fang told me that learning Buddhism needed to start with the teachings in the sutras. It was Professor Fang who inspired me to begin learning Buddhism in order to obtain the ultimate enjoyment of life. Professor Fang truly practiced. There were always Buddhist sutras on his desk. From his example, I learned to start with Buddhist sutras, studying them in-depth and practicing the teachings. I have now been learning Buddhism for sixty six years. My life has exemplified what Professor Fang Dongmei said: 'Buddhism is the ultimate enjoyment of life.' 

  Confucianism is the same in learning and practice. In the opening chapter of the Analects of Confucius, Confucius said: 'It is a joy to learn and practice the teachings constantly.' Learning includes extensive knowledge, interrogation, deliberation, and discernment. 'Practicing' is to carry out diligently. After learning, we need to put what we have learned into practice constanty in our daily life. Then we will often be filled with joy. 'It is a joy' refers to the joyfulness of Confucius and Yan Hui. Real happiness does not come from high status or wealth. You see Confucius was very happy. Yan Hui was very happy. None of ancient sages were unhappy. We can learn the teachings of ancient sages diligently, and also gain their happiness. Our wisdom, virtues, abilities, and good fortune are less than the ancients. But if we really give rise to the heart to follow this path, then with persistent efforts and perseverance, we will receive the blessing from the ancestors. Buddhas, Dharma, and Sangha will also support us. We must believe that we can definitely succeed in our study and practice. 

  Teaching of Love

  Ancient Chinese people handed over the mission of education to parents. The national government was only responsible for the selection of talented individuals. Why? Parents dearly love their children. They earnestly hope that their children will obtain achievement. The teachings on love need to be accomplished through love. This is very true. 

  This education is a lifelong learning process. It is said that 'one is never too old to learn'. Learning starts at the beginning of pregnancy in laying the foundation of education. This is prenatal education. Mothers need to comply with ethics and moral codes, and maintain purity of mind with neither distractions nor education. In this way, children's thoughts will be proper and correct, their words gentle and amiable. Their comportment will be peaceful and reliable. 

  After the child is born, parents continue settng a good example for the child to emulate. When born, babies cannot speak, but as their eyes open and their ears begin to hear, the babies are learning. Parents are their teachers. Parents honor and care for the grandparents. And parents practice to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil. Accompanying their parents, they learn everything through observation. This is teaching by example. These teachings are given until children are three years old.

















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